The 2017 Rally by the Sea was held in St Andrews from 24 to 27 August 2017.  There were 49 vans and 93 people that participated in the first ever Rally by the Sea which by all accounts was a successful event.  A list of the participants is available by pressing the button below.


There were 16 comment cards submitted    with average ratings as follows:

  • Campground.                                    5
  • Overall Rally Organization.              4.7
  • Welcome Package                           4.3
  • ​Historical Tour                                 4.2
  • BBQ                                                   4.1
  • Pleasureway Events                        4.6
  • Name that Tune                              4.7
  • White Elephant Gift Exchange.      3.7

 Lessons Learned

  1. More wine less cheese
  2. ​Give out the Pleasureway apparel at check-in rather than later
  3. ​Collect registration fees in advance to minimize risk of no shows
  4. Bus was very much appreciated 
  5. Need a better sound system 
  6. Organized breakfast would be nice
  7. Some events were late and there could have been better communications
  8. ​There were problems with the White Elephant Gift Exchange
  9. Some events ran too late in the evening


A number of photographs were taken by rally participants some of which are contained in the photo gallery.  To link to the photographs please press the button below


Overall the rally stayed within budget and just over $1200 was allocated to the 2018 Rally by the Sea.  A financial summary is available by pressing the button below.

2017 Rally by the Sea